Thirty by thirty

A year has gone by since I started this blog. While I don’t yet have intentions to set for 2019, I have taken the opportunity of being closer to 30 than to 25 to sit down a make a mini-bucket list of what I want to accomplish before that next epoch: another decade ending and beginning with 0, the completion of a returning Saturn, the gray starting at the temples (probably). I don’t know if I’ll get to all of these, but it feels like the right time to set some goals now that I’m closing a chapter (grad school) of my life that is about as far out as I ever imagined my life would go. Onwards?

  1. Live somewhere other than New York

  2. Be unafraid to be tied up for pleasure

  3. Create something tangible again - draw, paint, metalwork

  4. Climb in another country

  5. Do trapeze again

  6. Take a cooking class

  7. Live alone, at least for a while

  8. Rescue a dog

  9. Date multiple people at the same time without feeling guilty about it

  10. Go out in a full face of make up on a day that’s not Halloween

  11. Tell a story at Greetings from Queer Mountain

  12. Have something published somewhere

  13. Go on vacation for a month

  14. Break someone’s heart

  15. Learn to read tarot without a guidebook

  16. Have a custom suit made for me

  17. Learn how to make pasta by hand 

  18. Teach a class in something

  19. Experiment with facial hair 

  20. Get rid of any clothes hanging on from high school or college

  21. Write a song

  22. Spend New Years in another country

  23. Play through a video game without quitting

  24. Ask for feedback more often; take the criticism as a gift

  25. Be a better ally to marginalized groups

  26. Learn to really drive stick before autonomous cars take over

  27. Disconnect from the internet for a week or two 

  28. Go to a new continent 

  29. Host the perfect dinner party 

  30. Read a book in French without using Google Translate 

Matthew Kastellec